Help! My windows and doors have condensation.


Windows help to prevent moisture from escaping to the outside and are the most highly visible surface where condensation is more noticeable.

Windows and doors do not create condensation. Remember, if you have water, frost or ice on the surface of a double glazed window or door, you have excess humidity in your home. To reduce condensation, you must reduce humidity.

If the humidity level is high, relative to the outside and inside temperature, condensation still occurs, regardless of what window you have in your home.


Humidity is the moisture content in the air around you but what makes you feel more comfortable can cause damage to ceilings, walls and insulation if it becomes too high, creating condensation.

How much is too much?

For maximum comfort, try to maintain the relative humidity in your home between 30 and 40 percent. You can measure humidity with an instrument called a hygrometer.