Louisville iron doors, windows & railings

With over 20 years of experience in the Louisville area, Iron Crafters  is a family owned business with the purpose of helping you find the right home improvement products to enhance your home inside and out.

In the beginning, our specialty was our 16 gauge steel security storm doors with their multiple designs, colors and options including doggie doors and screens.  As time went on, our customers repeatedly asked us to expand our product offering because they knew they could rely on us for our superior product, installation and service.

Today, we are proud to offer only Made in the USA products including Amish hand crafted entry doors and windows as well as custom iron hand rails, gates, window guards, AC unit/generator security enclosures and, of course, security storm doors.  Not only can we improve the beauty of your home but we can make it more secure and energy efficient as well.

Whether you live in Old Louisville, Floyds Knobs, Crestwood, Shelbyville or somewhere in between, we are happy to visit you for a free consultation and estimate.  We pride ourselves on our service and stand behind it – every product we offer comes with a product and installation warranty.  Thank you for visiting our website.

Troy and Kim Finsel

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Our Team

Troy Finsel

Troy Finsel : Co-Owner

Troy “Iron Man” Finsel has petitioned the USDA more than once to include doughnuts as a basic food group. Our sources inside the government have yet to provide a comment. However one economist noted that the price of sugar spikes whenever Troy is in the neighborhood! We’ve been led to believe that he prefers red doors with windows. Again with the ambiguity because we weren’t able to nail down if that is “Louisville Cardinal Red”, “Ohio State Scarlet,” or “Alabama Crimson Tide Red!”

Sometimes Troy meddles with the Second Law of Thermodynamics and as a result his day is sometimes filled with chaos. When that happens, he closes his eyes and thinks about what he’d do if he were King of the World: pay off his house mortgage and never again take a bath.

About the bath thing… that may be why Troy’s friends are somewhat sparse in number. Either that or perhaps it’s his favorite quote, “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” Or, maybe it’s his obsession with separating M&Ms into color groups before eating them… That obsession is so profound that Mars now sells bulk quantities already color-separated.

Be it doors, or windows, Troy (freshly bathed and we guarantee it!) will be glad to help you find what you need at Iron Crafters! (PS… if you want a really good deal, bring in some doughnuts with you!)

Kim Finsel

Kim Finsel : Co-Owner

Meet Kim Finsel, she LOVES doors… especially yellow doors, coffee-colored doors, you get the picture! Our sources tell us she secretly likes windows as well!

Early in the morning you’ll find Kim staring into a steaming cup of coffee repeating her mantra as she awakens, “It is what it is.” As soon as she’s cognizant, she decides what yellow hat she’ll wear for the day: Mom, Chauffeur, Cook, Sales Consultant, Secretary, Teacher, Housekeeper, etc.

Anonymous sources close to the Finsel family tell us it’s Kim that cooks the amazing desserts that her husband, Troy, obsesses over. We’ve secretly been able to obtain a picture of blackberry cobbler made using one of Kim’s highly addictive recipes.

The favorite dream of this lucky lass, born on St. Patrick’s Day, is to be chauffeured around looking at doors while enjoying freshly steamed Maine lobster. But reality soon snaps her back and she’s ready to help you find that perfect door, or window, at Iron Crafters!